The Four Score

This my friends, makes an NES orgy possible. Yes 4 at once- introducing the 
Nintendo Four Score!
 I mostly use this as my extension cord because at the moment I lack friends. You have the option of choosing between using 2 or four controllers and there is also an A and B button turbo activator. It's a great accessory when playing games such as R.C. Pro-Am II if the competitive mood strikes you.  Or if you want to prove who the alpha male is without having to piss on everything.
There are 23 compatible as well as 9 non-compatible 4 player games according to Wikipedia. There were also a handfull of 4 player adapters, but only two were licensed- the Four Score and the Satellite which I'll be blogging about in the near future.
This little plug here makes the foursome possible. 
It's not a very big item as you can see, but it's a pretty cool accessory to own. Keep your eyes open for one if your friends are up for  a challenge. 

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  1. Wow, that's pretty cool. I never knew that existed.

    It's making me want to play track & field, now. Or skate or die. Man, i spent HOURS on those games.


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