Half past Donkey Kong's ass...

What cooler way can you think of checking the time than on this cool
 Nintendo Donkey Kong LCD watch? 
I've rockin' this sweet game...ON MY WRIST! Fuck yeah!
I'm unsure how many of these gaming type watches Nintendo came out with, but I have seen Zelda in 4 different colors (Pink, Red, Black and White). Maybe there are 4 colors for Donkey Kong, who knows. Tiger Instruments also made a few gaming watches and handheld LCD's. 
I wonder if there's a Contra one ...
I just love a sweaty rubber wristband!
 It kind of has that, "Hello Kitty" mall-store smell...umm plastic.
This game is played pretty much the same way traditional cartridge Donkey Kong is played. It has pretty good music for such a small game. I'm still learning how to play it and yet beat the first level. I wish I would have had one of these while I was in school, it would have made time go by so much faster. I do remember other kids having them. Lucky bastards. 
BTW, do any of you remember those watches that were also TV remote controls? Pretty bad ass huh? I've been looking for one on Ebay but all I could find are ones shipped from Hong Kong. 
These are the watch instructions that came along with it.
Please feel free to drop me a message or comment if you have any more info on 
any of these products. 

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