To Collect or to Profit

There are those of us who collect for personal enjoyment and yet there are those that collect for profit. Sure, it is nice to land an item that is rare and worth a couple more bucks than say Mario Bros./Duck Hunt; but what the fuck is up with those dealer's who charge obnoxious prices, and not because the items are rare, but because they are a fad.
A rare game is one that was manufactured in limited amounts. I see some assholes on EBay charging stupid prices for games such as Metroid, and to top it all off they label it rare. Come on, really? This is a great game and I'm sure you can find it for a reasonable price at your neighborhood game store. Honestly would you spend $20 on "10-Yard Fight"? That game sucks. 
Because of collectors there will always be the law of supply and demand, but taking advantage of those who are looking for Super Mario because they remember playing it and would like to relive their golden years is a fucken shame. 
On another note there are those fucktards that buy a 20+ year old console and expect it to work like it was spanking new. Don't you think that if you buy a vintage console you should at least be aware of it's quirks (blowing on the cartridge, wiggling it in, etc...). Not all consoles need new pins ( sorry to all you guys selling 72 pins on EBay for $50 a shot). Pop off the lid and straighten them damn it. There are many sites such as www.instructables.com, other blogs and even youtube has videos of NES maintenance and repair. And shame on those that try to sell "Magical Console and Cartridge Cleaning kits". These ass clowns really need to go fuck themselves, fucken spin doctors. Get yourself a soft nail file, mineral oil, alcohol (careful on this one, it can weaken plastic) and even a diluted solution of ammonia will do the trick.
Anything for a penny huh? Maybe I shouldn't be so bitter and realize that they are probably trying to help out the economy.
Here's a good clip on how to straighten the pins out.

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