Shitty Game Review

This review is on the shittiest educational game made for the Nintendo NES. No, it's not Bible Adventures. And it's not Sesame Street ABC-123 either. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting:
Where in Time is Carmen SanDiego

Being somewhat of a fan of the PC classic "Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego," I was interested in checking this game out. In this game you are assigned a percolating time machine called the "Acme Chronoskimmer" (how nifty is that?) and you travel through history trying to solve cases. Catch is, you only get 39 hours, which go by super fast on this lame wild goose chase. I didn't solve any cases, I suck I know, but I did get close to a couple of 8-bit villains that look like stubby turds with hats.
I think I'd rather play Bubble Bath Babes.

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