Talk yourself out of a tough situation- The LaserScope!

The Konami LaserScope is one of the best peripherals I've come across in a while as far as Zappers go. It's a voice activated zapper that uses an infrared target in order to mark your kill. I thought this was gonna suck like many of the other accessories I've bought, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had one before that was missing the clear blue plexi-glass eyepiece so I can't say I was using it to it's full potential. When I received this LaserScope in great condition I was excited. And it also taught me a lesson, never to buy shit that's missing crucial pieces, DUH.

In the above pic, you can see two switches; the switch on the left switches the sound from stereo (meaning the headphones, the NES was mono) or NES (meaning sound from the NES out of the TV). The second switch sets the rapid fire from either single to turbo. If you click on the picture you'll see that the bottom red knob controls the volume to your headset.

The LaserScope comes with the standard NES controller input. You can also see there is a 1/8 inch cable along with a red audio attachment. This enables you to chose between listening to your ipod (or on the box it says your walkman, but really, who has one of those?). You plug the 1/8 inch into the red audio cable and then into the NES.

Laser Invasion was the only game made exclusively for the LaserScope, I haven't quite gotten into it, but I tested and enjoyed using the scope with Duck Hunt, I was able to drink my beer while killing ducks.
That's playing with fucken power!

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