May the U-Force be with you

Here's my review on the 1989 NES U-Force by Broderbund Software as promised.
After waiting almost a week for my U-Force to arrive, I was quite anxious to see what this little gem was all about. I was excited to find out it didn't require any batteries; a nice change to all the battery sucking controllers I have recently tested.
The U-force is a movement sensitive controller. A sort of scanner, infra-red light controller. It comes with a U shaped T-bar with hand grips and a "powerbar". This accessory was for the use on Mike Tyson's Punch Out. I got a little frustrated trying to play this game. Also, On the hand grips there are 2 rapid fire buttons. This I used while playing Ikari Warriors, equally as frustrating. This peripheral definitely has a learning curve. I think I ought to play with it a little longer to get the feel for it (no pun intended).
Here's a more in-depth review done by "The Norseman"...funny, yet strange

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