Out of control! The Roll & Rocker

In 1988, LJN Toys came up with a control for Nintendo that not only required skill, but balance- the "Roll & Rocker". Once again, a precursor to the Wii balance board. I just found this stupid thing this weekend at a flea market. I was excited about this item until I got home and plugged it in. There is not much to this accessory as it resembles a manhole cover or even the "Pogo ball," without the ball and not as fun! (Yeah, remember those?)

It has an input for a standard controller and a regular NES controller cable that would plug into your console. Once it was hooked up, you lay both feet flat on the platform and hope you don't fall off as you balance yourself, thus moving your character, left and/or right. Most of the times you just end up going in circles. It's a great workout believe me. I'm still trying to get the hang of it. If all else fails at least I'll have a firmer, toned body by the end of my trial. Here's a great video review of this piece of shit peripheral that I found on YouTube.

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