Control Freak I; Grip-It

The 1992 "Grip-It" control by Richwide Technologies (model #g-101) Inc., is one of those little numbers you might vaguely remember using. I think this control was one of the precursors to the Wii nunchuk control. It's pretty high tech compared to its competition back then. It's motion sensitive. The direction you move your control is the direction your character/vehicle moves on the screen. There are 2 LED lights on the top. It's dual ended for use with Atari/Sega and of course your NES consoles. There are six buttons;
  1. slow motion enabling/rapid fire/regular
  2. center directional button (A)
  3. start
  4. trigger (possibly b?)
  5. select
  6. n/a (the whatever button)
I found this to be an effective controller to use in games such as Jackal,

Sky Shark, Garry Kitchen's Battle Tank, and other fighting/shooter games.
Now, how many of these quotes do you know?

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