Quick Shot Spectravideo (What's this for?)

The award for most worthless and awkward piece of shit controller goes to-
The Quick Shot Spectravideo Model qs-121!

This stationary controller is a really odd accessory. I tried it on Ninja Gaiden, Marble Madness and Rad Racer. When you push forward your character goes right, push back and your character goes left. This is all on the right hand position. ( A little slide tab on the side of this monstrous peripheral).

It could be broken, I don't know. Maybe it's for your foot? There must have been a game this was made for. If any of you have any info on this mammoth contraption, drop me a line. Meanwhile, I'm going to try using my foot. I put some games on the side and bottom so you can measure how stupid-big this thing is!

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