Happy New Years Day from R.O.B the Robot

R.O.B. the Robot, also known as the Robotic Operating Buddy, was an accessory for Nintendo introduced in the U.S. in 1985. There were only two games made to be used with it, Gyromite and Stack Up. Gyromite was available when you purchased the Deluxe set and Stack up you would buy on it's own and it came with its own pieces needed to play the game, a rather tedious and slow game may I add. Other than these two games, the robot is a useless accessory, more of a nostalgic collectors item than anything else.
There are various sites and blogs that discuss the history of R.O.B. so I'm not gonna get into that. YouTube's Nintendo personality, The Irate Gamer, does a great review of this accessory as you can see for yourself in this video.

R.O.B originally came with a peel and stick tint for his eyes if you were to use him with overly bright television sets. I recently bought two full functioning robots, one in the Deluxxe set and a solo one. I noticed that the eyes are different, one has the two headlight looking eyes and the other has more of a visor look. Neither are the Famicom version. My question is, if any of you out there happen to know, were there 2 versions of R.O.B. made, or is visored R.O.B. wearing the tint?
I'd gladly appreciate any responses to my question.
And to all you gamers out there-

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