The Miracle Piano

While on the lookout for NES games at a local thrift store, I came across a cartridge with the title, "Miracle" on it. At that moment, I really couldn't remember what this game was but I decided to buy it and check it out. I looked it up on YouTube, and there it was! The commercial for the Miracle Piano Teaching System! Yeah, I remembered now. Me being a professional musician, knew I had to get all the components to this game. I found the keyboard online on a site that specializes in musical instruments. They were not too familiar with what they had on their hands, and even told me it didn't work right. Taking advantage of this, I snagged it for a cheap price. On EBay I had seen it being sold anywhere from $100 to $300 for the whole set. I was lucky enough to only have to pay shipping since they were trying to desperately get rid of it. $50 and it was mine!
This system is MIDI based and by following the prompts on your screen you learn to read notes, rhythms, tempo and a little bit of theory. It's a fairly good system for those who think they might be interested in learning to play the piano. It has a cool robot game that tests your time and a carni style duck shooting game, not a zapper game though, as well which I found entertaining. Hearing the same tunes provided become monotonous after a while though.
This is a must have for any collector and I recommend you get the foot pedal to get the real feel of a piano.

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