Nintendo No-Friendo.... or so they say!

It seems that many times us gamers/collectors are trapped in an 8-bit world oblivious to what is going around us that isn't pixelized. Classics such as Dragon Warrior, Kid Icarus and even Tetris can do that to me. Nintendo no-friendo? Not really, not from what I remember as a kid.
I remember when I'd have my friends over, exchanging codes, passing levels and just plain having fun with our then high-tech gear. All the neighborhood kids loved gaming and although NES was pricey back then, it wasn't as ridicoulous as the systems nowadays. And so what if you didn't have a console? You probably had a buddy that did!
Watching my son play his PS3 I realize how things have changed. Nowadays, you are able to go online and play with others, this to me is impersonal even though you communicate through Blu Tooth or a headset. What happened to having your buddies over and playing Mike Tyson's punch out, can of RC cola on one side and a big plate of bagel bites in the other? You needed your friends back then. Nowadays, you get your cheats, codes and what not online. I remember walking to school discussing passwords with my buddies and running back home to try them out. Or waiting for the mailman to deliver your issue of Nintendo Power.
You didn't even need memory cards! Those were simpler times. Do I sound like an old man? Perhaps. Perhaps I just miss being a kid.
Nah, I'm still a kid at heart!

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