42 in 1- The Game

I came across this game in EBay when a seller posted it claiming he could not get it to work with his system. Intrigued by the fact that it was not only 1 game, but !FORTY TWO! in one game, I said hell, why not. Seven bucks and 4 days later it arrived in the mail. This version of the 42 in 1 is not the Famicom (Japanese) cartridge, but the NES version. I recently read a great review on this game written by Lanny Cox who owns the Famicom version. What is cool is that I have never came across a 42 in 1 with a conversion like mine.
The graphics are pretty cool and different. There are shape shifting robots "a la Voltron" and even cutesy penguins. Some of the games are not U.S. released and that amazed me because they are actually pretty good.
If you are ever lucky enough to come across this cartridge, give it a shot!

Here is a list of games (some of the names were modified by the maker I imagine because of copyright laws such as Millipecle which is what we know as Millipede):
  1. Othello
  2. Ninja
  3. Arabian
  4. Road Fighter
  5. Dig Dug
  6. Kung-Fu
  7. Lode Runner
  8. Milk andnuts (this one is typed just like that)
  9. Chack'n Pop
  10. Fi Race
  11. Donkey Kong Jr.
  12. Popeye
  13. Ice Climber
  14. Front Line
  15. Mahjong (4)
  16. Balloon Fight
  17. Formation- 2
  18. Lode Runner
  19. Millipecle
  20. Tennis
  21. Penguin Adventure
  22. Lunar Ball
  23. Super Mari Bros
  24. Twin Bee
  25. B Wings
  26. 1942
  27. Bomber Man
  28. Star Force
  29. Mappy
  30. Baseball
  31. Pinball
  32. Galaga
  33. Urban Champion
  34. Battle City
  35. Macross
  36. Circus
  37. Excite Bike
  38. Combat
  39. Exerion
  40. Pac Man
  41. Joust
  42. Ramio Bros

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