Adventures in Retro Gaming

My obsession with the Nintendo's entertainment system began in 1986, when my brother received a NES after wining the school spelling bee competition. Could you believe it was a $100 system? Yup, it was one of those special occassion only gifts back in the days. Although the Nintendo was not officially mine, I dreamed about being "the cool kid on the block", the one with the glove, the games and the glory, like the kid with 97 games and the Power Glove in the movie, "The Wizard". Unfortunately, I never had these accessories as a kid and so I made due spending afternoons playing Zelda, Metroid and of course, Mario Bros.
The obsession was revived last year on my birthday when I received a Nintendo NES. The monster was resurrected! Since then I have built up my collection, scavenging thrift stores, attics and sales for NES games and accessories, or peripherals as known in the gaming world, such as R.O.B. the Robot, Power Glove, The Miracle Piano, U-Force and Konami's Laser Scope. I even have Nintendo systems along with games and accessories for sale on EBay. All these things I will be reviewing and blogging about as the days pass.
Now I have officialy declared myself- The Cool Kid on the Block!
Hope you enjoy my blog,
The Big Sloth

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