The Aladdin Deck Enhancer...... mine all mine!

My new find!
The Aladdin Deck Enhancer, an adapter really, is one of those obscure peripherals that came out for the Nintendo NES. It was produced by Camerica, one of the major purveyors of unlicensed games, who closed down following the unsuccessful and late release of this product. The Deck Enhancer is a cartridge based system which allows you to play smaller, more compact cartridges. This was done in order to save money on cartridge production. The games themselves were sold off the rack and came in simpler packaging.
Instead of coming with a handbook like your typical NES game cartridges, the games came with a fold out, poster like set of instructions/walkthroughs.

Games made for the Aladdin Deck Enhancer included:
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, Big Nose Freaks Out, Linus Spacehead's Comic Crusade, Micro Machines, Quattro Adventure, and Quattro Sports.
Some of these games were available in the regular NES game cartridge as well.
There is also a list of unreleased games:
Bee 52, Big Nose the Caveman, CJ's Elephant Antics, Dreamworld Pogi, F16 Renegade, Go! Dizzy Go!, Metal Man, Mig 29 Soviet Fighter, Stunt Kids, Team Sports Basketball, The Ultimate Stuntman
Imagine how cool this would have been had it came out earlier. You could have carried more games with you and have spent less money on them. This is definitely a collector must.

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