The one that got away.... I'm still an outlaw anyways

Did you ever want something so bad you ended up falling asleep and not getting it? Probably not. But it did happen to me.
I found this pretty cool accessory on EBay while searching for an NES Max. It's a Camerica Videoblaster Video Gun Controller. It has all the features of the Zapper but with an Old West flare. I've never had come across this six shooter before, and I doubt I will anytime soon. I placed my bid toward the last hour and ended up losing by a few dollars because I ended up falling asleep and not maxing my bid. Sucks huh? I would have seriously loved using this gun to play Lone Ranger, Gun Smoke.
Or Wild Gunman
I tried to look up more info regarding this accessory but it was all very vague. Due to the fact the seller was located in Canada I'm assuming it was probably a Canadian accessory perhaps? If any of you happen to own the Videoblaster or have any info hit me up! Or perhaps you might want to sell......

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