Taking It To The Ring

Some of my favorite games for the NES are sports games. Although I'm not a huge fan of sports, a few these games were appealing to me because I could challenge friends or my brother. For instance, Tecmo Super Bowl, one of the most kick-ass football games ever made. All you had to do is select the Raiders and do the first two running plays, which were mutha-fucken BO Jiz-ackson's plays! He ran ridiculously fast and if you combined his fucken blazing speed with the old, "zig- zag" method, you would destroy almost all opponents! His agility was totally exaggerated. He wasn't the only player in Tecmo Bowl with super human ability just about any team that was worth a shit had a super star player. If you picked the 49er's you'd have the dynamic duo; Joe Montana and Jerry Rice and you would dominate most every time. 

This clip is a perfect example of Bo in action

Another classic sport spectacular was of course....Mike Tyson's Punchout. I must say, I think "Iron" Mike is a fucken bad-ass muther fucker! I always have and always will.  I know, I know, we are all aware that he has what most would call a "bit of a temper problem" and he beat the shit out of Robin Givens and he bit off Evander Holyfield's ear and he did a stretch of time. But I still think he's one of the baddest around. I have to be honest, I haven't beaten him in the game yet I can only get to Super Macho Man, It's pathetic I know. 

This is fucken funny. He's totally whacking it in his chair...WTF is he naked! 

Let me begin by telling you I don't like this next game. WWF WrestleMania. My brother had a hard on for this game so I had to play it quite a bit. The only wrestler that I learned most of his moves was Bam Bam Bigalow. But let me tell you in this game it's tough to maneuver the characters. I do like the music on it though. This is your standard wrestling game and is definitely rigged. The game should've been called, "Hulk Hogan's Spectacular" or "Hulk Hogan Kicks the Shit Out of Everyone". Come on, this guys mug is on the front of the cartridge! Must have been the bleach blonde mustache. 
Anyhow, this game sucks as far as wrestling games go. I prefer Pro-Wrestling and WCW. 

Need I say more?

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