Taking It to the Ring: ROUND 2

While playing Ring King, my favorite NES boxing game, I was reminded of something funny but mostly disturbing..."the between rounds blow-job". It's funny and all... sort of. How did these boxers get midgets to style and color their perms the same? Are they midgets going to town on these two gladiators or are they little broads? OR, are they kids? WTF? What kind of sick shit is this? I had completely forgotten about this part. I remember thinking it was funny when I was twelve, but this is definitely disturbing to me now. This would not make the cut for new game releases today. I hope the game programmers intended for the fellatious corner jockeys to "adjust" the boxers' shorts ...nope, they're definitely slobbin those knobs!  So I was cruising the net looking for a screen shot of this boxing bukaki and stumbled upon a funny-ass site, www.i-mockery.com. Check it out, it's on my list of favorites. These pics are from their site and what an awesome site it is!  


I talked about Pro Wrestling in the previous sports blog, this is my favorite NES wrestling game. This can be a challenging game if you have a worthy opponent. Pretty limited on characters but at least they had bios for them.  I like Amazon in this game. His special moves are a bite to the face (Tyson style, fuck yeah!) a series of head scratches  followed by laughter! I find it humorous.  Do you notice an 80's trend? You guessed it...Hulk Hogan look-a-likes! Why does every fucken game involving a ring have a generic "Hulkster" in it? Good 80's marketing strategy I'd say. What if they made Mega Man tan, bleached hair, rockin' yellow little panties, and wearing yellow knee highs? They probably wouldn't have made six Mega Man games with the "Real American" running around half naked.      

Look at the fake Hulk...take it....take it bitch!

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