Another NES Mystery

I know I'm long overdue on posts, I've been dealing with scoring some major items for my collection. I have a real gem on its way. Trust me it won't disappoint and you might get to see some T&A while you're at it.
Anyways, here are two pieces, sans the headphones and short audio cable, of what typically would make up  the "GameSounds" system. This system would allow you to "keep game private" according to the box.  This is kind of similar to the JoyCard Sansui controller, which  in my opinion works way better than this plastic turd. 
They're small and slim as you can see. The transmiter sends the sounds from your NES to your receiver.  The receiver is basically a shitty radio. Not only does it pick up the NES sound waves, but local radio signals as well. Now this is what it's supposed to do. I just can't figure out what channel I need to put it on in order to pick up the NES signals.  I think my transmitter is broken.  I don't know... Once again another fucken mystery. Maybe I need one of those 80's headphones with the car antenna and dial, or the original headphones designed for this accessory. 

You can see here the slide cover for inserting the 2 aa batteries they each take. It has a special clip that attaches securely to your fanny pack and the transmitter has velcro that fastened to the right hand side of your toaster.  They both have 1/8" inputs. That's all I have for this. It's probably a pretty good accessory if I had all the parts. Once again, if you know anything about this shit, please enlighten me via comments.


  1. I had one these growing up. its pretty much just a wireless headphone adapter for the nes. the cable you're missing has an male rca plug on one end, and 3.5mm headphone plug on the other end. you hook the transmitter up to the nes with said plug, and plug headphones into the receiver. it kinda sucked, but its neat to have.

  2. I hooked up a RCA and headphone plug... it does suck! Thanks for the post.


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