In Control- Another QuickShot Controller

Let me tell you about the QuickShot model no: QS-130N. This joystick controller is a pretty kick ass one. So far, this is my favorite one of my collection. It's your standard joystick controller; it features a pistol grip, and it's comfortable enough for both left and right hand use. It was only $.59 at the thrift store! I used an exclamation mark because I am all for the excitement.

The controller consists of 4 buttons and 1 switch. The trigger is the A button, the large red one is the B button, left is start and right is select. The switch is to enable auto (turbo) off/on.

I like to use this controller to defend Democracy on games such as Airwolf. Why? Because Stringfellow Hawke is a bad ass, and Dominic Santini, Ernest Borgnine, fucken slays me. Just look at him... Seriously, he doesn't know how to work on helicopters. Just look at that face!
He's a great American.

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