Shitty Nintendo Costumes...What Were They Thinking?

When Halloween comes around and you go to Spencer's and notice they are out of the "Free Mammograms Lab Coat" costume and the "Look at me, I'm the crazy pimp with the pink fuzzy leopard hat" or maybe you've played out the old trenchcoat and penis trick and are in need in something "original" to get you laid on this very spooky night do you think to yourself, " Hmm, how about a really homemade looking Nintendo piece of shit costume so I can be the laughing stock of the office?" I hope not, because then you'll end up right here on my blog like these people if I find your picture on the net. 

This man woman, whatever the fuck it is...this is the worst attempt at creating a Link costume I have ever seen. What's up with the crayon colored shield? hahaha Look at "it's" little Yosemite Sam boots.  
Did "it" swallow Princess Zelda? I didn't know that Link had lazy eye. Yeah, I have the right to talk shit because I made my son the most badass Link costume, but I was smart enough not to show it on here because some asshole like me might talk shit... Seriously though, when did Link start wearing tinted goggles? It gets a D - and the only reason I don't give "it" an F is because I'm a Zelda fan. What a fucken disgrace.

Are these supposed to be gay pig chefs? Why is that guy wearing a hemmorhoid cushion on his head? Well, I give them credit for taking their time to make these stupid costumes. These dorks get a C+ for effort and an F flamboyant.

Wow... and this fucken guy. Did he really think he was in any kind of shape to be MegaMan? Someone needs to change his diaper. Where the fuck did he find those pointy little Aladdin shoes? I would give him a B+ for the costume and an F for F.U.P.A (Fat Upper Penis/Pussy Area).

Now imagine this fucken weirdo giving out candies to your kids. No way. Look at the way he's looking at you. Look, look into his eyes. I think he was on the Halloween special of "To Catch a Predator". Whoa, what's the Windex for? Actually, this guy gets an A for this Bowser costume. And definitely gets a C for child molestor.

Come on. Really? How embarrasing would it be if your mom wore this Wario costume, at the mall? Maybe she forgot to take off her sweats and running shoes after working out to her to her Sweating to the Oldies VHS tape with Richard Simmons. This is not the image that comes to mind when thinking Wario. This picture speaks for itself. This costume deserves an F for fitness and a C for cheeseburger.

At least these people took the time to create a costume based on their favorite game unlike some frat boy who's too cool for school that you see at a party wearing a psychedelic Dr. Seuss hat with the "I'm with Stupid" shirt. Berlin thinks I'm an asshole for poking fun at these creative individuals, I just tell it like it is. 
These costumes suck!


  1. Did you dress up for halloween?

  2. @13 Feet Tall- Yeah. I had a great costume unlike many.

  3. OH my word! I have NEVER laughed so hard at some of these costumes....

    THE MEGA MAN! Hahah!
    Excellent post....


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