I'm not that crafty, really

Honestly, how many people seriously thought the shitty looking Nintendo jewelry was for real or meant to be worn? Are any of you familiar with satire? Guess not. 
Well, here goes nothing....
Berlin told me she was tired dealing with all the Ebay bullshit and we should try another alternative way to sell our shit.  (By the way, that below is my wife Miss Berlin Deluxxe in case you forgot.)

So we said fuck it, let's open an account on the crunchy granola people site "Etsy".  Well fuck me. After minutes of posting our wares, other sellers and busybodies started talking shit about how technically our Nintendo consoles, games and accessories weren't really vintage and they were going to report us. 
They were acting like a bunch of 5 year old snitches. 
Fine. I read the fine print and even though a lot of my shit was 20 years+, which is considered "vintage" in Etsy standards, some wasn't. So what did I do? I disguised all my Nintendo paraphanelia as  wanna-be-generic-soap-on-a-rope style jewelry. I beat them at their own game. Bitches. A couple of enhanced breasts as a display rack didn't hurt either. 
Honestly, at first it was about making sales, but in the end it was just about good ol' fashion winning.
I've closed the shop now, and moved on.
Let's play some Monster Party and call it a night.


  1. I think I love you.

    And your wife, too.

    Fuck those Etsy schmucks, you rock!

  2. I dont know if you read all the comments, but a lot of the comments on that Kotaku story were positive.

    The problem with the internet is that it provides anonymity. And anonymity = assholes talking shit.

    I like your blog though, keep it up. It's fun being reminded of old games.

    P.s. Ever play skate or die?


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