Bringing Sexy-NES with the Power Glove!

I remember after seeing the movie, "The Wizard" I felt incomplete because my NES collection lacked Mattel's Powerglove. This was the ultimate badass peripheral to have and still is.

Released in 1989, the Powerglove consisted of a fingertip less, rubber and mesh glove that you could adjust and fasten with a velcro strip. It came in different sizes so even Mr. Banana Fingers next door could try his gaming skills.
The glove had various buttons on the forearm area. It included the regular NES control buttons, D-pad, A and B buttons, select and start. Along with this it had programmable buttons with the digits 0-9.
The Power Glove is a pretty complicated device, a larger scale of the Wii controller. It sensed movement and in order to make this feature possible you'd have to attach this silly looking contraption, sensors (3), to your tube TV. I thought the fucken U-force was frustrating, and although the glove is a cool item to own, it was a pain in the ass to use.

There are codes, just like the U-Force that must be punched in for each game, but if you had any problems, you could always discuss them with the trained personnel, or Mario and Luigi and ask them how the fucken thing works.

The Power Glove has its own cord, that you plug into the box with phone numbers on it, or whatever the fuck you call it. It has what I think is an Atari/Sega imput, I'm not sure, I haven't checked to see if it is. Then from the box you plug it into the console. If you want specifics there's Wikipedia. All in all, I enjoy using the Power Glove on race games like RC ProAm and of course Rad Racer (this is the first game I used the glove with). But as we all know, there were only 2 games designed to be used with the Power Glove, these were Super Glove Ball and Bad Street Brawler. Super Glove Ball is actually pretty cool, Bad Street Brawler sucks ass. If you're even going to bother having an original NES, add the PowerGlove to your stash.

I love the Powerglove... It's so bad!

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  1. I have never owned a complete powerglove... hell, i havnt seen a used powerglove in a couple years... although, i do have to say it is very hard to focus on the powerglove here lol.


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