The Legend of Zelda

This commercial slays me! LOL (Check out the black power and reset buttons!)
Aww, the memories.

The legend of Zelda was the first game I beat. I can't remember how long it took me to do it, but I remember the cool feeling of being one of the kids who passed this game. I could never get through the second quest though. Probably because I was bored by then. I've never had a great attention span. Sucks when it comes to gaming (I'm on week 2 of playing Dragon Warrior, yup it's that bad).
You know what I never have understood about the game and I'm hoping someone out there can answer this? What's up with the grey rectangular "map" in the top corner of the screen in the overworld? I mean seriously, why didn't they just use a pic of a compass or not have it at all?
Anyways, I love the game and every now and then I'll pop it into my toaster and beat it in a couple hours.
On a lighter note, please enjoy this video. It's the remake of the original one:

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